Spaarbou is a Pretoria based family owned and operated construction company involved in
various residential and office block developments throughout South Africa. Since inception in
1999 we maintain a talented pool of certified staff as well as independent suppliers allowing the
flexibility and combined experience required to ensure we consistently deliver a final product
of the highest standard. Due to our passionate commitment to service and quality our firm has
not only built a loyal customer base offering repeat business opportunities but has also built a
reputation as one of THE leading medium-sized construction companies in the industry.
Most of the Spaarbou team members have been with the company right from the start, which
means you benefit even more by working with a team where each member has the needed
knowledge and skills to ensure most of the various discipline on-site is handled in-house.
The only skills we outsource are:
• Professional Disciplines such as Architecture, Engineering & Landscaping
• Electrical;
• Plumbing.
Our suppliers adhere to the same commitment to service, quality and is as passionate as we
are about construction.
At Spaarbou we believe that our combined experience, hands-on approuch and commitment
to quality allows us to bring to your project the best service available and in doing so securing
maximum ROI for you, as our valued client.